Failed crossing gate

I had mentioned in an earlier post that one use of call boards is if a crossing gate fails.  I didn’t have any pictures of failed gates at the time, but thanks to today’s windstorm, I do now:

Failed crossing gateSW Hall, failed crossing gate – it bent backwards on itself

An eastbound operator told me that Hall failed, so I was able to get a picture as the train I was riding westbound went through. I heard the gate at 185th before Willow Creek failed too, but I got off my train at Elmonica and by the time I went through Willow Creek later in the evening it had been repaired (as was the gate at Hall).

So if you experienced a delay in your MAX commute on the westside today, this is part of the reason why – each westbound train had to call Control at Beaverton Transit Center, each eastbound train had to call Control from Beaverton Central, and then in both directions trains had to come to a full stop and sound warning before proceeding through the intersection – and if the gate at 185th was down as well, that was another stop & delay.

All in the name of safety though!


2 responses to “Failed crossing gate


  2. Yeah well, I wasn’t on the same train as you, I was probably half an hour later going the other way! :)

    So it was a car going through the gate, not the wind. Hmm. I heard the wind was causing power outages on the Yellow Line, but I didn’t go out that way at all to see firsthand.

    Exciting day out there!

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