Fine, it’s a filler post

Elmonica, looking east at sunsetSun setting, Elmonica

It’s been quite a week and I’ve got a lot of posts in the works but nothing that is ready to be published yet.  So here’s a photo I took in early April that I liked, and if you have rail questions I posted about yet, let me know.

3 responses to “Fine, it’s a filler post

  1. I know what this computer does, but could you please tell me what the letters APACU stand for??


    • That’s the Automatic Passenger Announcement Control Unit – and for anyone reading this that doesn’t know what it does – that’s the thing that controls what’s displayed on the signs outside of the train showing if it’s a Blue, Red, Green, or Yellow train and where it’s going, and on the inside of the train displays what the next stop is going to be on the readerboards as well as the audio announcing the stop/what side the doors will open on.

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