Chillaxin’ On the MAX

Question: Wasn’t there an officially produced rap about MAX?

Answer: Oh yes.

promo cardI can’t make something like this up.

LyricsLyrics on back of promo card

I own the cd.  Of course.
Don’t lie, you would’ve gotten one too if presented with the opportunity.Chillaxin CD

This was done in 2004 for the opening of the Yellow Line, and was a joint effort produced through TriMet, Sabin Community Development Corporation, and local duo Dynamix. The purpose was to create a public service announcement promoting safe behavior on and around trains to youth by making it cool to look both ways and follow the rules.  The song features include a sampling of some radio transmissions between operators and Control along with train bells and the sound of a moving train.

I’m not going to leave you with only a description of the song. Here it is – “Chillaxin’ on the MAX” in its entirety.  Don’t say I never gave you anything.

Anything to help promote safe behaviors around the trains, you know?

I heard a rumor that there actually is a music video produced for this along with several video PSAs.  Not sure if it’s true of a full-length video, but we do have a video PSA for it now.

~~chillaxin’ on the MAX, you know we be glidin’~~


2 responses to “Chillaxin’ On the MAX

  1. this is the best thing ever.

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