The other C

The other C signalThe other “C” signal

I can’t believe I never noticed this..  I mean, I’ve gone through that intersection how many times, and it never caught my eye. Though I guess to be fair I never needed to look at that particular spot of this intersection.

I had originally thought there was only one “C” signal (at Skidmore Fountain going west) and I was aware that there used to be one at Library/SW 9th, but meanwhile this one at 11th & Yamhill has been there all this time and I never noticed it until it was pointed out to me in the comments of that other post.

Where it's locatedIn context

You learn something new every day!  Of course by now I’m so attuned to watching for so many things that it’s hard to remember a time not knowing where they all were… no doubt I’m never going to *not* notice this signal again!


3 responses to “The other C

  1. Is this signal meant for trains coming out of the turnaround?

    • Not anytime recently. The signal to leave the terminus had been W4, which I never got a picture of (but took a screenshot of from Google Maps). That has since been replaced with W4A, W4B, and W4C. I’ve never seen that C in use – leaving the terminus I was mainly focused on W4 which is probably why I never noticed the C before. I’m not positive what it was used for and Mr. “Not gonna do it”, who started long before I did would know but I don’t think he’s stopped by here recently to fill me in.

  2. Hmm, that is odd..

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