Sort of vintage CBD video

Real life (yes, I actually have one!) is going to be busy for me over the next few weeks, so post content may be a bit light aside from a couple of drafts I have mostly finished or maybe a few photo posts.

In the meantime, here’s a video (actually multiple clips stitched together) I recorded several years ago of the view from a train cab starting just past Pioneer Square on Morrison and going up to but not including the tunnel.  I didn’t film during the platform stops, just while the train was in motion (and I’m clearly not the operator, in keeping with safety procedures).

I threw in a few annotations of assorted points of interest.

I didn’t really think at the time that this would be sort of a historical snapshot of Portland, but a few major things have changed since I filmed this – the Yellow Line doesn’t stop at Galleria anymore, there used to be a building in the block prior to Galleria that is now an abandoned construction project, etc. In retrospect I wish I’d carried a camera around a lot more.

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