ATU 757 and TriMet final contract offers

I don’t have time to write much right now, but for those wondering

What were the final contract offers by TriMet and the union that are going to arbitration?

Here you go – and many thanks to the person who provided this to me since I hadn’t been able to find any news outlet that posted the documents.

The first three pages are the union’s final offer (essentially, maintain the status quo and continue the previous union contract).  The remainder is TriMet’s final offer, which I have only had time to skim and so won’t comment on it, but it has a lot of line-item editing of the original union contract.


10 responses to “ATU 757 and TriMet final contract offers

  1. what were they thinking …

  2. Damn are you good!

  3. Interesting that it is SO FREAKING HARD TO READ WHERE IT MATTERS!

  4. Can somebody please tell me what the PUCK it says?
    I can’t read it!
    It’s telling indeed that the unions proposal is so clear and concise but the company’s is obscured and apparently intentionally made impossible to read!

    • I posted the document exactly as I received it – I did not make any edits or changes to the file, so I’m not sure why the TriMet offer is so blurred and difficult to read.

  5. How is anyone to know what this means?

  6. And it looks like the offers are also on the union Web site (

    • I’m glad they posted them – they weren’t there yesterday or this morning when I checked to see if anyone had shared the offers (or on TriMet’s website, and I don’t think TriMet has officially posted this information yet) – the picnic was the top announcement earlier today.

  7. As usual TRI-MET is pleading poverty and trying to take their mismanagement mistakes from their employees pockets and using the media to publish false statements
    The union employees have instead of taking wage and retirement (fyi they are not PERS) raises they have elected to put that money towards benefits
    Will Mr. Mcfarland take any kind of cut in wages or benefits
    , considering the poverty he claims?
    Freezing wages and making union employees pay for their health insurance before the contract is resolved is in violation of the previous contract and state law
    I wonder how long TRI-MET management would keep their jobs if this was a private company

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