Another one for the electricity fans

I think I should just change the name of this blog to “Arcings of a TriMet Pantograph” since far and away that’s the sort of thing people are searching for when they end up here.

The other night I was on foot downtown; got this video.

And a still from the video:

pantograph arc at night

Which looks neat and all in a special-effects kind of way, but it’s not really a best practice..

3 responses to “Another one for the electricity fans

  1. I’ve found that the crossing at the corner of 5th and Yamhill creates really good arcs, if anyone is interested in seeing them in person.

    • That’s where this was – I think because of the incline some operators of southbound trains take off from that platform faster than they should with the isolators and the wire crossing right there – you’ll see arcs for northbound trains on the other side of the block but not usually this prominent. Eastbound trains aren’t a problem at this intersection because they’ll be slowing for the Mall/4th platform.

  2. I’m still working on the method for taking off correctly from that platform. The hardest part about it is that not only are the catenaries crossing there, but there’s also an isolator about 50′ after it. I’ve found that while it doesn’t provide the smoothest ride, this method works well for getting out of there without much arcing or any temporary aux fails:
    -Start out around P3
    -Coast as soon as your first truck crosses the other tracks
    -P3 again about the time your 3rd truck begins to cross
    -Coast when the 4th truck has crossed
    -And back to propulsion when your last truck is crossing

    This should prevent you from drawing power from the time each pan reaches the crossing until it gets through the isolator.

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