System change

These have been around lately on the east side, due to the platform work done at Civic Drive and Rockwood. Pretty self-explanatory – they are a reminder that something fairly significant has changed in the alignment ahead, such as the opening of a new platform or changes to signals, so you can’t proceed through this area the way you have been accustomed to. Civic Drive, for example, is now an active platform instead of a closed platform that gets bypassed at 20mph, and Rockwood has a temporary platform and a slow order going through there, so the system change signs are a cautionary reminder of this work.


2 responses to “System change

  1. They had a nice row of signs approaching Civic Drive when I went out there for the opening: “System Change Ahead”, “Stop at Platform”, “Do Not Open Doors”, “Call Signal at Platform”.

  2. I saw those signs too and I kind of laughed when I saw the “Call signal for crossing” sign waaay away from the tracks because of the heavy wind!

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