Civic Drive

Civic Drive Iris

Last month was the opening of the Civic Drive platform. Located in Gresham between Gresham City Hall and Ruby Jct/E 197th, this is now the 85th platform in the system, though construction had originally begun about 15 years ago. For years, Civic Drive was closed off and treated like a bypassed platform by operators  with a speed limit of 20mph past the platform.

Not to be confused with the no-longer-named-that Civic Stadium

Old signal 138, Gresham City Hall westbound

When Civic Drive was still a closed platform, this signal at Gresham City Hall facing west was used by trains to either continue on the westbound main (getting a yellow or green aspect) or to select for the Ruby yard (a yellow over green aspect). Signal 134, the intermediate signal in the cut westbound between Civic Drive and Ruby Junction, would display a corresponding yellow or red over yellow aspect depending on what route the train selected.

Current signal 138

But now there’s a new platform in between City Hall and Ruby, and you can’t be clear to proceed for 2 ABS blocks when there is a platform in the next block. As previously mentioned, the ABS signals prior to a platform will not display a green aspect. So now signal 138 will display just a single red or  yellow aspect.

Continuing west..

Civic Drive, westbound

A few points of interest here – you can see the call loop for our train (between the arms of the windshield wiper), and a sign to call signal 134, which is located way out in the cut. It’s red in the above picture, which might be easier to see in the larger version. Also visible from here are the ATS magnets as this part of the alignment is speed tripped for eastbound trains.

Signal 136A

136A is a new signal that was added for eastbound trains at Civic Drive. It can display two possible aspects since Gresham City Hall is the next ABS block.

How futuristic

Both sides of Civic Drive feature blue lighting built in along the ends and edge of the platforms.

And continuing further west, this is a closer view of signal 134, which is the same as it has been. It’s yellow for us since this train is headed to Hillsboro, not diverging into the Ruby yard.

3 responses to “Civic Drive

  1. It seems odd that they would just leave signal 134 and not add a new one adjacent to the platform headed westbound. Seems like you would really have to squint to see which aspect is lit.

  2. That’s true. I should go there sometime and see what it looks like in person sometime.

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