So this looks safe.

Beaverton Transit Center

I don’t know the details behind this, but I assume someone crashed into that light pole at a high enough rate of speed to knock it over like that. I’m really hoping those signposts that are propping it up have the structural integrity to keep it in place…

… because it sure looks like it’d take out the catenary if it goes the rest of the way.


7 responses to “So this looks safe.

  1. Is Trimet going to look into it? I sure hope so. Wow.

  2. If that falls it’ll pull down those overhead MAX wires and MAX will be screwed up for a long time. TriMet had better get that fixed now before it does fall and create hell for commuters.

  3. no surprise there. I wonder how long it’s going to take trimet to fix that? For the sake of the riders, i sure hope trimet doesn’t wait until it’s too late (aka, it fell on the overhead wires).

  4. wow. that’s surprising. TriMet actually did something about it.

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