What a difference a few weeks makes

Before is on the left, after is on the right.

Well now that certainly looks different

Not much in the way of commentary, just a series of pictures showing SW Lincoln St before and after the tree-cutting began as part of the Portland-Milwaukie light rail project / Orange Line construction, more or less taken from the same perspectives. As always, click for larger. If anyone really wants to see the full-sized versions I can provide them; I just did a quick and dirty 25% reduction here to match them to the “before” pictures without having obscenely large file sizes.

These next two sets are of that pedestrian path halfway down the street, where I think the platform is going to be:

And these didn’t have matching “before” pictures:

The bushes lining the aforementioned pedestrian path weren’t spared

Click for full-size if you feel like counting the rings

All things considered, “knowledgeable care for trees” is quite the euphemism for the recent work on Lincoln Street…

3 responses to “What a difference a few weeks makes

  1. I’m happy for lightrail and everything, but this makes me so sad :(

  2. Seeing that is so depressing… :(
    I’m going to head down there and get a video of the destruction they did down there just because I want to see it for myself. Stupid MAX…

  3. I was surprised by how depressing I found the change. I ride the 17 a lot and I didn’t consciously notice the trees, but I sure notice them being gone. Thanks for the post and pictures with the comparisons.

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