Après moi, le déluge

With the on-and-off rain that we’ve had lately, you may have noticed that stopping at platforms can feel somewhat rough. When the rain starts to fall and the tracks are just beginning to get wet (as pictured), the rails are much more slippery than they will be after it’s been raining for a while and everything is pretty much soaked. You might notice the operator using the track brake  (you can hear it drop and feel the train slow) when stopping at a platform to help keep the train from sliding, and you may also hear a buzzing/whirring sound in the train as sand is deployed for better traction.

For your own safety, please be extra cautious when crossing in front of trains in this weather because the trains can slide. Even if you have a walk sign at a platform, if a train is coming into that platform it’s a good idea to wait until the train has fully stopped before walking in front of it.


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