Car 235, how are you?

Not that I’m the kind of person to anthropomorphize the MAX cars, but if I did I would totally pity car 235, who’s like the poor guy that always happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If you’ve seen it around, you may have noticed that 235 looks a little different from the rest of the Type 2s..  the others all have either the old paint scheme:


Or full-body ads:


235 is a little different – it could almost pass for a type 3 as it’s the only 2 that’s rocking the new TriMet blue and yellow color scheme that all of the type 3s are painted in (though one side of it has had an ad for a while), and the mirrors are still those of a type 2.

235 and some other Type 2

235 on the Yellow Line downtown

It wasn’t always like this.

Don’t remember where I found this, but this is an old shot of 235, looking like all the other Type 2s

But then, one day in 2005, 235 had a tangle with a fire truck in Hillsboro. It sustained severe damage in that crash.

Not my pics, I don’t have bigger versions of them

235 was repaired and re-entered service. As far as I know, it had a relatively uneventful life after that, until a few years later, when it was the trailing car of the train that derailed at 11th Ave.

Well at least it wasn’t the lead car?

Just along for the ride, so to speak

And then yesterday, a semi-truck loaded with cars crashed into 235 at 10th and Washington in Hillsboro. I’ve heard the operator is ok. It also was not his fault, which is also good news, and as far as I know the damage to 235 wasn’t too bad, aside from the windshield.

Pictures courtesy of Hillsboro Fire & Rescue

But we can rebuild it. We have the technology.

11 responses to “Car 235, how are you?

  1. Someone asked me yesterday what caused the accident (like I would know), and I refrained from saying “a cosmic sense of irony combined with one or more of Newton’s laws” (truck full of cars collides with transit). Now that I’ve learned that this particular car has a history, I should have gone with it. :-)

    Here’s video I took in 2009 of a derailment at 11th, is that the same one?

  2. I don’t know if anybody else has noticed this but all of the accident photos of 235, that car is apart of train 20-something. Firetruck accident: (looks to be train 24), derailment: 22, recent accident: train 20. Next time I see car 235 attached to a train in the 20s, maybe I’ll think twice about boarding.. :P

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  4. I had heard a rumor that the collisions with the fire truck and the rolling car lot happened to the same operating cab on that car, though I have yet to see conclusive evidence.

  5. A really good friend of mine named Erik was involved in the 2005 accident in Hillsboro. He suffered several broken ribs, cuts and bruises after being thrown from his seat during the collision. We still talk about it today and how lucky he is to be alive after the accident in car 235.

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