Meanwhile, in Scotland

Fare enforcement on the rise at TriMet! More supervisors, more code enforcement, more citations. If you get a citation, it’ll cost you $175, and your odds of not getting caught have gotten worse. According to KGW, an average of 250 people are still showing up in court every “TriMet Tuesday” to try to get the fine reduced or do community service instead of paying. Yes, the ticket machines are still a problem, but I doubt that a broken ticket machine is the reason why every one of those 250 people didn’t pay their fare.

Alternatively, we could just roll like Scotrail. You might have seen this video of the “big man” who grew weary of a fare evader arguing with the conductor and physically removed him from the train (to the applause of other passengers). A bit vigilante justice, perhaps, but there’s no excuse to mouth off to a conductor either and delay a train full of people because you think you’re above paying.


3 responses to “Meanwhile, in Scotland

  1. Fare evaders beware, you’re on a train (or bus) with a bunch of people who did pay!

  2. If that guy that threw him off was from this city he would be in jail right now.
    In this country only officers of the law are allowed to physically abuse or shoot citizens, everybody else that tries it goes to jail.

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