Storage tracks

Ruby Junction Yard

Somewhat cliche “Art School 101 perspective” type picture, but I like it anyway. MAX trains are stored either here at Ruby or at the Elmonica yard. The tracks are numbered and the spaces are lettered (e.g. storage track 5 E & F) so you know, for example, where to store your train when returning to the yard.

Also, you may have noticed a new link at the top for rail terminology. That had originally been one of the first posts I made and then promptly neglected, so I dug it out, updated it (still a work in progress though) and modified it to be a headline link. Theoretically it can serve as a sort of index of posts to make this site easier to search, because after almost 2 years, there’s a lot of stuff here…


5 responses to “Storage tracks

  1. Just thought Id comment about car 235, saw it yesterday downtown, It has the new trimet logo on the front, its shinier and brighter to my eye than the current one in the type 4’s. It looks good after well…. you know. =)

  2. What is that horrid wart above the first left side window on that type 1 car on the right??

  3. OK, thats what I thought. Looks like one of those hockey puck cameras all over the Union Staion property.

  4. The cameras on the type 2’s are much shorter than on the 1’s. The 1’s include a mirror that makes about 1/4-1/3 of the image on the display show the stairway and platform at the first door.

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