Gresham, 1995

A break in the labor negotiations discussion – I don’t intend to drop the topic completely because it is relevant, but I wanted to share this video shot by Mr K.

The place: the far-flung reaches of Gresham. The year: 1995, back when men were real men, women were real women, and the alignment through the cut east of Ruby Junction was just a single track.

Video courtesy of Mr K

Lots of things are shown here that don’t exist anymore in addition to things that have changed in the alignment and surrounding areas (e.g. no Civic Drive platform). You can see the wheelchair lifts on the platforms as there won’t be low-floor train cars for another two years, there’s no Jodi Lorimer telling you that the doors are closing, similarly there are no automated stop announcements, and also no stopping at every platform unless requested – the video ends soon after the train bypasses the Ruby Junction/E 197th platform because no one was waiting to board and no one pulled the cord to get off, but you can hear the sound right before the video stops that indicates someone pulled the cord for the Rockwood/E188th platform.

For comparison, here’s a video I recorded along part of the same stretch of the alignment some 15 years later:

Also interesting are videos from Barcelona, 1908 and San Francisco, 1906 – not TriMet, but very fascinating to see for a historical perspective.

4 responses to “Gresham, 1995

  1. This is a piece of gold, I had wondered so much what this part of the alignment had looked like, hearing so much about it, and now I finally know!

  2. Fantastic video find. I love seeing photos/videos from the early years of MAX.

  3. It’s eerily quiet. I wish we would get rid of “the doors are closing” and just have a simple tone; as apparently we had back in the day.

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