Rail operation in the news

Really nice segment about MAX operation done by KATU.

Watch it, love it, show it to all your friends. It’s so rare for the public to be able to get any glimpse of “what it’s like” to be a rail operator, so I’ve been looking forward to KATU publishing this story. And Pat is easily one of the best ambassadors I can think of for this job. He and I have talked before about how there needs to be more outreach for the public to see things from this perspective – both in terms of safety and just for a general “here’s why things work the way they do”.  But there’s a limited number of things that we are able to do on our own, so any big news coverage like this is fantastic.

5 responses to “Rail operation in the news

  1. FINALLY! The media has actually used their power to do something positive and productive!

    • Yeah, I’m very happy with how this turned out. When I’d heard that KATU would be at Ruby & doing the ride along, I was hoping the final product would be something like this that gives a nice overview of what your operator is doing up there in the cab (and also a reminder that if you *do* see something unsafe on your train, do something more productive about it than shooting video with your iphone and posting it on Youtube!)

  2. Great story! Made me miss working in TV and doing all that cool stuff that no one else gets to do.

    You’d think that a hard-working transit blogger could get a RIDE. :)

    • The funny part being, of course, that if you ever did get a ride-along, the Type 4s have the best cab for that since there’s not really room to fit more than one person comfortably in the other cars.

  3. OUTSTANDING JOB BY PAT AND KATU!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME the media do a piece like this. SO MANY PEOPLE really have no concept (and in most cases they shouldn’t have) what goes on inside the cab of a train; so many misconceptions.

    THANK YOU for posting this..I hope it gets a lot of hits.

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