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This post has nothing to do with TriMet. Sometimes that’s going to happen.

Via the BBC, or for those who prefer the original Japanese, (or for those who, like me, prefer someone else do the translating):

Japan Train

On Monday, a 30 year old female passenger at the Minami-Urawa Station fell as she was exiting a train and got stuck between the train and the platform. Station staff asked commuters to help, first moving everyone inside the train over to the opposite side (which didn’t work) and then getting about 40 people outside the train to push against it. This shifted the carriage of the train far enough that the workers had space to pull her out.

It’s a feel-good story all around – the woman wasn’t seriously injured, commuters showed a nice display of impromptu teamwork… And then there’s my favorite part: the total length of this delay? EIGHT MINUTES.