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Alignment schematics

Whoever you are that keeps doing websearches like these that land you on MAX FAQs…

web searches

…this post is for you.

A while back, someone over at Portland Transport jumped through the mired swamp that is TriMet’s public records request process and came out with an extremely detailed schematic of the existing and planned MAX alignment. Sample pages below:

hillsboro alignmentBlue Line at Hatfield

bridge omsi clintonOrange Line’s new bridge, OMSI, and Clinton platforms

It’s a very thorough document that has grade/elevation/direction changes, speeds, etc (though for the person who is looking for the deepest part of the tunnel, it appears to only give elevation above sea level, not depth below the surface, and paradoxically Washington Park is the deepest underground platform and yet appears to have the highest elevation above sea level of all the platforms). This is not exactly light bathroom reading, but it’s an interesting reference for the transit wonks out there.

Anyway, have at it, folks. It’s a PDF, about 2.5 MB, and since it had already been released into the public, I figure it’s fair to repost it, especially if it saves someone money by not having to request it from TriMet again for when you just need to know how far apart the Old Town Chinatown and Rose Quarter platforms are (2700′, for the curious).

Happy Birthday, Green Line

I’m working on another post, but it’s getting too long and I’m going to have to find some way to break it up. So in the meantime, happy 1-year birthday (or annivesrary) to the Green Line. 

Making it one year that this schedule map on the Clackamas extension of the alignment that only runs north-south has listed stop IDs for east- and westbound trains. EDIT 09-13-10: Okay, I can admit when I’m wrong, and this is one of those times – I noticed while I was on the Green Line earlier today that these stop IDs now give “towards Portland City Center” and “towards Clackams Town Center” as the directions instead of this eastbound/westbound.  Which makes a lot more sense, and I’m assuming those went up at the beginning of this new signup since the schedule times have changed slightly, meaning these signs didn’t list the wrong directions for an entire year.  I got those above pictures during the last signup before they were fixed.