ATU 757 Rally pics

From the ATU 757’s Rally for the Ride.  Because hey, even though it’s not directly about trains, I figure if you’re reading me, you have an interest in public transportation.

I support Mass Transit

Save Our Ride

I know a common question has been “Why is TriMet building a rail line to Milwaukie at the same time they’re slashing bus service left and right?”  Part of the problem is that transit agencies can’t take federal funds that have been earmarked for capital construction (such as building new lines) and apply those to maintain existing operations.  The ATU is rallying support behind two Congressional bills that would increase funding for public transit (H.R. 2746) and allow transit agencies to direct some of that capital project money into continuing existing service instead of building new, unsustainable service (S. 3412).  If you agree that TriMet and other agencies should focus some of this money on operations, please consider getting involved and showing your support for these bills.

This is the last week where I will have a lot of stuff going on in my personal life, so the posts about MAX questions & answers should resume soon when I have time to write!

One response to “ATU 757 Rally pics

  1. Hey, I was there, too — sorry we missed the chance to say hey. I’ve been swamped myself, but I owe you an email. Soon, I hope.

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