Anti-vandalization sign… that’s been vandalized.

Apparently the most frequently vandalized sign on TriMet is the one offering a reward for turning in vandals. I’m going to hazard a guess that it’s the sign above, which somehow made it through QA checking with a typo. It reads:

It is a felony under oregon law to assault a TriMet operator or vandalizes TriMet property

And I’ve noticed, sure enough, on a lot of them someone very carefully has crossed out the final “s” in “vandalizes”, as there is a lack of subject-verb agreement there.

I suppose yes, that’s vandalization in and of itself, but in a way I think it’s just someone engaging in copyediting for the sake of making the sign accurate.


3 responses to “Vandalizeseses

  1. Interesting! I guess we all need to stop vandalizing those signs…


  2. I’m not vandalizing it, I’m fixing it!

  3. If they catch you vandalizesing the sign, they can throw you in jail. But if they catch you fixing it, the worst they can do is throw you in a correctional facility.

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